Tackling lack of access to construction information

To the average person, a construction site can be a complex and confusing place. Even more so when trying to determine the quality of that construction. What’s the difference between a well-built and a poorly-built wall anyway?

Quality assurance information,
made accessible

ISAC-SIMO packs important construction quality assurance checks into a convenient mobile app. The tool harnesses the power of machine learning and image processing to provide feedback on specific construction elements such as masonry walls and reinforced concrete columns. All the user needs to do is choose a quality assurance check and upload a photo from the site.

Started by Build Change with the support of IBM, ISAC-SIMO was imagined as a solution to gaps in technical knowledge that were apparent in the field. The app ensures that workmanship issues can be more easily identified by anyone with a phone, instead of solely relying on technical staff.

Build Change is excited to continue developing the app and add more quality assurance checks with the help of IBM and the broader open source community.

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